Room Renovations Sure to Improve Your Home’s Value

It takes more than a fresh layer of paint or the addition of new furniture to expand the quality of living space in your home. It often requires thinking outside the box and about the broader sense of things. Exploring ideas that might at first seem daunting but will be nothing short of rewarding in the end. Knocking down a few walls to expand a room doesn’t merely improve its financial value but it also adds genuine, personal value to how you feel about the place you live in. Let’s explore some of the most promising areas to renovate and improve your home’s listing price and personal appeal.

Converting an Attic to a Loft

This is likely the easiest method to adding an extra room to your home. While those who wish to convert their attic to a loft may find figuring out the best way to do so the hardest part of the endeavor, once you have the technicalities all figured out, it only becomes a matter of what kind of railing you’d like to go with and what intricate shape you’d like to make the entrance to your brand new loft area. There also comes with it the many possibilities of what to do with the new space. Will it be the picture perfect office space you’ve always wanted? A chic workout or craft room? Or maybe it’ll be where all your guests can stay in luxury over the weekend during the summers.


Extensions are another simpler way to add value to your home. The great thing with extensions is that not only do they add value, but you can get really creative with the way your extension is set up. Having that wiggle room for creativity can add a unique spark to your home, making it all the more coveted, should you decide you’re ready to sell ten or twenty years down the line. You want a faux stone walkway leading through a secret garden style entrance to your extension? Go for it! You can easily find salvaged materials, such as certain styles of faux stone and real stone, and implement them into the design to save money.

Utility Rooms

Easily convert the front or back entrance to your home – you know, the one that’s currently only housing a rack of shoes and coats – into a useful utility room. You could add a washer and dryer, along with other useful utilities, such as an extra sink and have it right next to your kitchen. This can make daily chores much less of a hassle, so you won’t have to go down to the basement or take a trip upstairs every time you need to check on the laundry or another clothing related mishap. Having such a room set up to use said utilities in an easy to reach location will add nothing but value to your home and certainly all of your guests will thank you for the added effort for convenience’s sake.

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